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Price History
Diamonds vs. Gold vs. Silver

Historically, diamonds have had a low or negative correlation to stocks, bonds and other commodities including gold and silver, largely because diamonds had no institutional demand. Since mid 2018, diamonds were left out of the global macrocycle. Today, the diamond commodity provides effective diversification for any portfolio.

Source: Bloomberg and Polished Prices

Latest Research

Diamonds as an Asset Class

A comprehensive overview of Diamonds as an asset class. Authored by Murray Stahl -Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Investment Officer, Co-Founder at Horizon Kinetics.

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Diamond Investment Thesis

A comprehensive overview of the supply and demand factors impacting the diamond market. Highlighting the unique opportunity for nimble, smaller investors to benefit from the commodity supercycle - and subsequently the forecasted strong diamond supercycle.

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Creating a Liquid Market for Diamonds

BTIG Cryptoasset Currents explores how Diamond Standard is leveraging blockchain technology and digital tokens as part of its effort to create the first liquid, transparent market for diamonds.

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Diamond Commodity - Initial Returns

A comprehensive analysis of diamond commodity returns relative to the S&P 500 and other precious metals. Data shows historic returns compared to future opportunities for investors.

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Finally, Diamonds are an Institutional Asset

A summary of academic research about diamonds, their return history, and lack of correlation to other assets. Bibliography for analysts with links to dozens of references.

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The Outlook for Diamond Prices

An analysis of the demand inflection points that are expected to impact the adoption of the Diamond Standard Commodity in the institutional market.

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Bloomberg Infographic

Developed by the infographic experts at Bloomberg, a detailed overview of the Diamond Standard Commodities, and their role as a diversified asset.

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Diamond Standard Customer Journey

A detailed infographic walking through the creation of a Diamond Standard Commodity.

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A Rare and
Timely Opportunity

NoCorrelationLow Correlation
ReturnsIncredible Performance
Secure BadgeLow Volatility

This breakthrough new commodity has returned over 30% since approved (August 2020),
with only 3.8% volatility, and 0.04-0.10 correlation to gold, stocks and bonds.
This asset increases the Sharpe ratio of every portfolio that holds it.

A physical commodity — just like gold bars.

Diamond Standard Index:
20 Year Historical Performance

Data range: Jan 2002 - Jan 2023
Opportunity chart
Source: Bloomberg 2023. Ticker: DIAMINDX