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Diamond Standard Fund

Diamond Standard Fund Launches in Partnership with Horizon Kinetics

For the First Time – Diamond Commodities in a Convenient Form

NEW YORK, May 2, 2022 -- Diamond Standard and Horizon Kinetics announce the launch of Diamond Standard Fund.

Diamond Standard Fund acquires and holds Diamond Standard Coins and Bars–the first and only regulator-approved diamond commodities. By managing trading and custody, the Fund enables investors to allocate diamonds conveniently via shares, making this brilliant asset accessible to IRAs, funds, and investors who cannot hold commodities directly. The initial offering is capped at $500 million.

Due to the prior lack of investment products, while gold gained 500% over the last 20 years, diamonds were flat. But more recently, in the 18 months since the approval of the Diamond Standard Coin, diamond values have soared, outperforming gold by over 40%, and even the S&P 500. Diamonds are a historically uncorrelated and inflation-resistant natural resource with unique potential for appreciation, as they are acquired by more investors.

“Diamonds are an exciting store of wealth, hedge, and speculative asset, when investors need it most. Diamond Standard Coins and Bars finally unlocked diamonds as an asset class, but most investors simply can’t hold physical commodities. The Diamond Standard Fund removes that hurdle,” said Cormac Kinney, Founder & CEO of Diamond Standard.

The Fund will participate in the $75 million initial offering of the Diamond Standard Bar, a special one-time event where Diamond Standard bids globally to buy a statistical sample of 0.76 to 2.05 carat diamonds, to permanently calibrate the bar’s geological contents. The co-sponsor of the Diamond Standard Fund is Horizon Diamond Advisors LLC, a subsidiary of Horizon Kinetics LLC. Horizon Kinetics LLC is parent company to Horizon Kinetics Asset Management LLC, a registered investment adviser formed in 1994 that has discretionary management over approximately $8 billion in assets and which is the manager of the HK Inflation Beneficiaries ETF (symbol: INFL), which has over $1.4 billion in assets.

“The Diamond Standard Commodities are a perfect fit for the contrarian, innovation, value and inflation protection goals of Horizon Kinetics and like-minded investors.” said Murray Stahl, Co-Founder & CEO of Horizon Kinetics. Horizon Kinetics LLC is an investor in Diamond Standard Co., and its subsidiary, Horizon Diamond Advisors LLC, is a co-sponsor of the Fund. Diamond Standard is co-sponsoring the Fund through DSAM LLC. Diamond Standard Fund service providers include Brinks as custodian, NAV Consulting as administrator, Withum as auditor, and Katten as legal counsel. A deck and prospectus are available at

About Diamond Standard Co.
Diamond Standard Co. is the creator of the world’s only regulator-approved diamond commodities. By unlocking diamonds as a market-traded asset, Diamond Standard helps investors to access a natural resource currently worth $1.2 trillion – more than all the world’s silver and platinum combined. A breakthrough hard asset that can be transacted as a blockchain token, the diamond commodity provides diversification, potential inflation protection, and a new store of wealth for institutional and individual investors, while bringing transparency and efficiency to the diamond supply chain. To invest brilliantly, visit

About Horizon Kinetics
Horizon Kinetics LLC is the parent company of Horizon Asset Management LLC and Kinetics Asset Management LLC. Horizon Kinetics LLC is the parent company of Horizon Kinetics Asset Management LLC. Horizon Kinetics is an independently owned and operated investment boutique that adheres to a long-term, contrarian, fundamental value investment philosophy that the founders established 26 years ago at Bankers Trust Company. Horizon Kinetics has over 80 employees and offices in New York City and White Plains, New York. For more information, visit

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