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Diamond Standard is Leading the Way on Environmental and Social Responsibility

Newly released report details significant ESG benefits derived from Diamond Standard’s regulatory oversight and operational approach for the creation of diamond commodities.

NEW YORK, January 18, 2022 -- Diamond Standard Co., developer of the regulator-approved diamond commodity, today released an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report. The report highlights the benefits of promoting transparency and recycling within the global diamond supply chain, and outlines Diamond Standard's significant impact in three core pillars: environmental, social, and governance.

“As we unlocked diamonds as a market-traded investment for the first time, in collaboration with our partners and suppliers, we worked hard to integrate environmental, societal and governance benefits in the model.” said Cormac Kinney, Founder of Diamond Standard. “We are especially proud to incentivize global sustainability efforts, and provide economic benefits for millions.”

Report Highlights:

  • Diamond Standard projects that 85% of the diamonds for the commodities will be recycled from global consumers, reducing environmental impact and paying a $150 billion “societal dividend” to millions of families who own unused diamonds.
  • As a physical asset, as opposed to Bitcoin, the production and distribution of the diamond commodities are expected to support hundreds of thousands of global jobs, and billions in tax revenue. Without the wasted electricity for false “proof-of-work.”
  • By in-taking diamonds for commodities in eight global locations, Diamond Standard enables small vendors to compete with global giants on a level playing field.
  • As a regulated entity enforcing transparency, fair labor, and anti-money laundering, Diamond Standard is bringing sunlight and governance into the last major asset market.

Those interested are invited to read the report and learn more at

About Diamond Standard Diamond Standard Co. is the creator of the world's only regulated diamond commodity. By unlocking diamonds as a market-traded asset, Diamond Standard Co. helps investors to “Invest Brilliantly,” in a natural resource currently worth $1.2 trillion – more than all the world's silver and platinum combined. A breakthrough hard asset that can be transacted as a blockchain token, the diamond commodity provides diversification, potential returns and inflation protection, and a new store of wealth for institutional and individual investors, while bringing transparency and efficiency to the diamond supply chain.