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Diamond Standard Mobilizes +SUBSCRIBE to Scale Fund Offering

Leading Electronic Subscription Technology for Private Market Funds Positions Manager of Diamond Fund to Drive Assets and Broaden Investor Access.

NEW YORK, January 12, 2023 -- Diamond Standard Inc., developer of the world’s only regulator-approved diamond commodities, today announced that it has selected +SUBSCRIBE, a software provider enabling the digitization of alternative investment fund subscriptions, to broaden its investor base and streamline access to its novel Diamond Standard Fund.

Launched in May 2022 in partnership with Horizon Kinetics, the Fund allows investors to allocate to diamonds via its proprietary Coins and Bars and through a convenient share class, as opposed to holding the physical commodity.

This initiative with +SUBSCRIBE allows Diamond Standard to deploy its electronic subscription document technology, and offer a seamless digital investment experience for RIAs and other investors, thereby eliminating manual onboarding and reducing friction as assets are raised in the Fund. The Fund will be capped at $500 million.

“Two years since launch, Diamond Standard commodities are among the best performing and least correlated assets, attracting strong interest from wealth managers who wanted the convenience of a Fund.” said Cormac Kinney, Founder and CEO of Diamond Standard. “+SUBSCRIBE’s state-of-the-art technology and market presence will extend the convenience the Fund offers and enable us to onboard investors efficiently.” added Kinney.

“By using our technology, Diamond Standard delivers a custom alternative investment platform that can be used by any RIA or other investor, and one that fully integrates with the Fund’s administrator, and any third-party custodian, to ensure an easy and seamless workflow," said Rafay Farooqui, Founder and CEO of +SUBSCRIBE. "We are thrilled to partner with them on this unique asset class and initiative."

About Diamond Standard
Diamond Standard is the creator of the world’s only regulator-approved diamond commodities. By unlocking diamonds as a market-traded asset, Diamond Standard is providing access to a natural resource currently worth $1.2 trillion – more than the value of silver and platinum combined. A breakthrough hard asset that can be transacted as a blockchain token, the diamond commodity provides diversification, potential inflation protection, and a new store of wealth for institutional and individual investors, while bringing transparency and efficiency to the diamond supply chain. To invest brilliantly, visit

+SUBSCRIBE is a provider of enterprise software solutions for allocators, sponsors, and service providers that enable the digital transformation of the alternative investments industry. The company is the leading order management system and electronic subscription document technology for alternative product transactions. For additional information on how +SUBSCRIBE is Powering Alternative Investments®, visit and follow the company on LinkedIn.

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