BITCARBON BCC IN PRE-SALE: Bid: $9,950 Ask: $10,150 Last: $10,000 Volume: $25,000,000

Diamond Standard Coin


Diamond Standard Bar


Finally, a liquid commodity for diamonds,
and a real asset for digital transactions


Diamond Standard Coin

The first fungible diamond commodity. Each Diamond Standard Coin contains an identical gemological scarcity of diamonds, and is delivered to the owner.

Transparent and fair. Like manufacturers of gold bars, we don’t set the market price. Our only job is to make an absolutely consistent commodity.

Natural diamonds are purchased daily with transparent bidding on a regulated exchange, so there is no human subjectivity. The gemological standard and the contents of every coin are public.

With a daily global market price, you can trade them online, using the integrated blockchain token.

The Diamond Standard commodities have been pre-ordered by institutional investors managing over $7 trillion in assets.


A wireless encryption chip inside each Diamond Standard Coin enables global authentication and constant audit, and stores a blockchain token.

You own the Diamond Standard Coin and a Bitcarbon.

The Bitcarbon is used for secure, instant transactions, and is compatible with many blockchain platforms.

When you deposit your Diamond Standard Coin with a custodian, they store it in a smart cabinet.

But you keep the digital key to the Bitcarbon token.

You can sell your Bitcarbon anytime. When you sell the token, you sell the Diamond Standard Coin. They’re inseparable.

You can also attach the Bitcarbon to a smart contract.


When your Diamond Standard Coin is held by a custodian, the physical asset is authenticated for every transaction.

When you have a Diamond Standard Coin in your hand, you authenticate it with your smartphone.

Authenticate a Diamond Standard Coin in person, and transact it anywhere in the world.

Authenicate Asset


Together, Diamond Standard Coins form a crowdsourced Decentralized Reserve. Any developer can build services using the reserve. Bitcarbons provide proof of asset, and a deliverable store of value.

Invest in the first diamond commodity at its launch, before new demand impacts market prices.
Pre-Sale price
$10,000 USD
Diamond Standard Coin Bitcarbon Blockchain Token
Diamond Standard Coin
with BCC ERC-20 Blockchain Token
Pre-sale limited to 2,500. Limit 10 per buyer.
Each contains $10,000 of GIA certified diamonds, determined by transparent bidding on a regulated* wholesale exchange. Subsequent production at a market determined daily fix price. See the Sale Summary.
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Sale pending Bermuda Monetary Authority (BMA). license. No sales to Belarus, Burma, Côte d'Ivoire, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Libya, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela. *Exchange oversight application pending before BMA.