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CARATS Are Commodities. CARATS Are Not

Virtual Currency
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Diamond Standard CARATS Use Cases

CARATS redefine global payments by using commodities instead of money or cryptocurrencies.

Using the CARATS App users can send CARATS via SMS to any mobile phone, or use any compatible wallet.
CARATS enable instant international transfers without using money, cryptocurrency, and the high fees typically associated with foreign exchange and traditional banking systems.

Families and individuals can support loved ones overseas, ensuring more value reaches its destination, securely and efficiently.
Many gambling platforms are licensed in one jurisdiction, and blocked from offering services in others mainly due to money transmission restrictions.

By using CARATS as the gaming chip, the casino or platform never receives, custodies, or sends money, and never handles cryptocurrencies that are regulated as if they were money.
CARATS will revolutionize rewards by using commodity based points that enable real-world uses.

This innovative approach allows participants to earn, trade, and utilize rewards in a manner that extends beyond traditional point systems.

With CARATS, rewards programs can offer a more engaging and valuable proposition to customers, enhancing loyalty and participation.
Social Apps
Social and messaging platforms can incorporate CARATS to enable the purchase of goods and services, or for value transfer among users, without “money transfer”.

This integration enables users to bring their digital transactions into the real world effortlessly, without dealing with the complexities and regulations associated with cryptocurrencies dozens of regulators.
CARATS can be integrated into gaming platforms, allowing users to purchase goods, make deposits, or transfer value into or out of the game.

Users can convert their in-game value into real-world assets, thanks to the unique nature of CARATS as tangible commodities rather than regulated cryptocurrencies.

This simplifies the transaction process, likely removing the need for money transmitter licenses and reducing regulatory hurdles.
Diamond Market
The Diamond Standard Market, exclusively using CARATS as its payment method, will revolutionize how natural diamonds are globally traded.

This unique platform is enabling electronic diamond trading on a global scale, between consumers, vendors and professional traders.
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