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Driving Change in 
Diamond Commodity Investing

The diamond commodity is a $1.2 trillion dollar asset class with attractive risk/reward and diversification benefits for an investment portfolio. Yet most investors do not allocate capital to the asset class because of a lack of trust and standardized investment offerings.



We recognize investor concerns about investing in the diamond commodity market.

In 2018, Diamond Standard began changing the diamond investment landscape through introducing governance, transparency, and standardization to the diamond asset class.


Diamond Standard, following its mission statement, has introduced a number of innovations to the diamond investment markets:


Focusing on risk management is an essential part of our operating company. We have implemented a process-oriented and systematic approach with advanced technology to identify potential risks and assess their likelihood and impact.

We implement industry best practice KYC and AML requirements with both investors and Diamond Standard Exchange participants. All individual diamonds and Diamond Standard commodities are fully insured, tracked, and held on behalf of investors in independent vaulting.

Investment Offerings

The Diamond Standard commodity is offered as a separate account with independent vaulting or as a private fund.

Diamond Standard Physical Commodity

A separately managed account (SMA) investment in partnership with GBI.

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Diamond Standard Fund

A convenient investment vehicle, co-sponsored by Diamond Standard and Horizon Kinetics.

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Note: The GBI logo, trademark and service mark are registered trademarks of Gold Bullion International LLC, in the United States and worldwide.

Diamond Standard has financialized the $1.2 trillion diamond commodity
as a tradable, standardized, and investable asset class.

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