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Enjoy the Possibility of Earning Dividends
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Exclusive Early Rewards

Explore the lucrative benefits of being an early adopter.
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Bonus Carats

  • Maintain your original Carats balance for three months after the initial offering and receive a 5% bonus on the purchase of new Carats, up to your original purchase amount.
Bonus Carats

Primary Dealer Access

  • Purchase 1 million Carats in the initial offering window to gain permanent access to the Primary Dealer Auction.
  • Enjoy the daily market maker discount as long as you maintain a 1 million Carats balance.*
Bonus Carats
Exclusive Access

*Balance requirement increases to 5 million Carats in the future.


Venture Investors

  • Purchase 10 million Carats in the initial offering window to receive Bitcarbon tokens, a digital security that earns dividends based on the total value of Carats in circulation.*
Bonus Carats
Exclusive Access
Earn Dividends

*Offering subject to relevant securities sale regulations.

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