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Diamond Standard CRO Chris Dessi at the Family Office Forum West 2021

October 26, 2021
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Diamond Standard

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    Diamond Standard attended and sponsored Opal Financial Group’s flagship event -- the Family Office & Private Wealth Management Forum West 2021 -- on October 20 to 22 in Napa Valley, California.

    This conference featured networking events and panel discussions led by investors and family offices. It is Opal’s second largest and most renowned family office event with over 200 attendees.

    Diamond Standard’s Chief Revenue Officer Chris Dessi participated in a panel hosted by Christina Martin, Principal at Marina View Capital. Titled “Digital Assets: Investing in the Blockchain and Crypto Currencies,” Chris shared insights on the growing investor demand for our new diamond commodity going digital against the backdrop of inflation. Their conversation also covered crypto adoption, the rise of digital tokenization, and the regulatory landscape.

    Among the many insights Chris shared with the panel, we want to highlight answers to three key questions about Diamond Standard and the digital asset sector.

    1- In terms of longevity, what attracted you to the digital asset space? Diamond Standard is the world’s first regulator-approved diamond commodity and our tokens standardize the Diamond Standard. The Diamond Standard itself is a permanent statistical index of diamond characteristics that must be contained in each of the company’s coins. Our cryptocurrency ‘Bitcarbon’ is a definitive breakthrough in crypto markets. It is unique because it is asset-backed and coming on the market in early 2022.

    2- Can you discuss blockchain technology and its potential impact on your business? There’s different opportunities for different types of digital assets out there. Because of blockchain, certain things are able to happen for the first time. Diamond Standard wouldn’t be in existence three years ago if we didn’t incorporate this blockchain breakthrough. The reality is that we needed the blockchain in order to create the product, the Diamond Standard Coin. Blockchain unlocked a previously and fully untapped market. A forgotten natural resource with a $1.2 trillion market value — more than silver and platinum combined.

    3- What kind of a digital token is your company offering? Diamond Standard has made significant progress toward its goal of making diamonds a liquid commodity. The company’s breakthrough innovations had been the coins, each of which is computer-optimized to include a mix of diamonds that provide the same degree of geological scarcity as all of the others, making them fungible. The coins only became technically possible due to the use of blockchain, which provides a permanent public record for each coin’s contents and provenance while enabling remote auditing and transactions.


    Panelists: Chris Dessi, Chief Revenue Officer Diamond Standard Co.; Simon Littlewood, Director, Li Family Office (SFO); Robert Levin, Managing Director, Emerging Star Capital, LLC; Kevin Hall, Etana Custody; Jamie Elder, Partner, Saracen Digital Asset Management

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