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Let’s Get Physical: Perfecting the Diamond Standard Coin

July 30
10 min read
Diamond Standard

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    We have been working tirelessly to ensure perfection at every stage of our coin’s production, from drawing board to regulatory approval, to delivery. The first batch of Diamond Standard Coins is the culmination of years of painstaking work by a world-class team of engineers, gemologists, computer scientists, designers, and entrepreneurs.

    As a market traded financial asset, perfection is our priority. Starting with ethically sourcing diamonds globally, to assembling the beautiful coins themselves, we ensure transparency and consistency. All coins run the gauntlet of an exhaustive quality control process. As we deliver the first coins to IPO participants, we are pleased to give you a closer look at how they’re made.

    The Diamonds: Capturing the Yield Curve of the Earth

    First, do no harm. We purchase only ethically sourced stones, using a regulator-approved, automated and transparent process. We placed over five million bids, to purchase tens of thousands of diamonds from around the world. The diamonds that made the final cut met our high bar for ethical sourcing, quality, and value per dollar.

    Every diamond is unique, but every Diamond Standard Coin is equal. We pioneered a transparent and fair process, using computer science to accomplish this for the first time ever. To make Diamond Standard Coins equivalent, the diamonds embedded inside are purchased through a statistical sampling process, by automatically bidding on global diamond inventories, to purchase a statistically valid sample of thousands of natural diamonds from around the world. Every purchase must comprise a statistically valid sample of the primary diamond characteristics, such as carat weight, color, and clarity, for natural white diamonds. This means that we discover, price and deliver the entire Yield Curve of diamonds, for the first time ever.

    Every stone is GIA graded and has a digital certificate, always accessible by the coin owner and prospective buyers. These GIA graded diamonds are then reinspected by another lab, the IGI, which assembles the diamonds into Coins. GIA and IGI serve as objective third parties, allowing our investors to purchase Diamond Standard Coins with confidence.

    The Coin: Crystal-Clear Transparency plus Durability

    Our diamonds are beautiful, so we designed a high-tech Coin to match. The precisely computer calibrated set of diamonds is what makes the Coin fungible, so we need to keep them together. Like a crystal-clear amber, our special resin enables an expert to inspect and confirm the diamonds using a magnifying glass.

    The Dots: Unique Security Layer

    Security experts call them “taggants.” We think “purple dots” are more descriptive. At first glance, most people don’t notice them. With a closer look at the coin, you’ll notice a whimsical constellation of purple spots protecting your diamonds. When the Coins are assembled, the resin is a liquid, and the number of positions of the purple dots is totally randomized. When the coin solidifies, the dots create a unique optical fingerprint, along with the variable size and position of the diamonds. So every coin is optically absolutely unique and impossible to replicate. Every Coin is optically analyzed and for future transactions that image is one factor used to authenticate that the Coin is original.

    The Chip: Wireless Encryption and Blockchain Token

    At the base of each Diamond Standard Coin is a military-grade wireless NFC (Near Field Communications) chip that is impervious to all naturally occurring environmental radiation, static, magnetism, and shock. Featuring 2,048 bit encryption and 8K or memory, our chip is not like the ones in your credit card or corporate security badge. The slender wafer lives at the bottom of the coin, providing a high tech authentication feature beyond the diamonds and dots, increasing the utility of the Coin. This advanced chip provides three important features: remote wireless audit, remote or in-person authentication, and instant electronic transactions.

    Inside the chip is a blockchain token, and when the Coin is held by a custodian, whoever owns the token, owns the Coin. You can authenticate and trade the Coin using your phone, or just trade the token from anywhere in the world.

    The QR Code: Visual Shortcut for Assurance

    The bottom of the wireless chip is imprinted with a QR code and serial number. Anyone can scan the QR code using the camera on their smartphone, and learn everything about that specific Coin. When scanned, the QR code directs the coin holder to that coin’s documentation, including registration date, current custodian, last known location, diamond count, total carats, and a link to grading analysis performed by the GIA or IGI. The “Diamond Dossier” includes 3D measurements, weight, color grade, clarity grade, cut grade, proportions, angles, finish, and fluorescence.

    A Timeless Asset Made for the Modern Age

    The Diamond Standard Coin proudly ensures security, fairness, and fungibility. Unlike crypto assets, a Diamond Standard token is backed by a rare and valuable natural resource. A diamond cannot be hacked. It is not vulnerable to the whims of wild “tech bro” speculation, because the real-world market drives diamond value. By building an ultra-secure coin around the diamonds – the resin, dots, chip, and QR code, we have achieved the world’s first and only regulator-approved method to produce, deliver, and transact a fair and fungible standardized diamond commodity.

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