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Why Millennials are Buying Modern Income-Generating Assets

Sep 11, 2023
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Written by Diamond Standard

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    The financial landscape has evolved dramatically over the last few decades, with new investment opportunities emerging that were previously unheard of. Today's young adults, often referred to as "millennials", are at the forefront of this evolution, exploring non-traditional assets to diversify their portfolios and secure their financial futures. But why are millennials particularly interested in modern income-generating assets, and what are these assets? Let us understand.

    The Changing Face of Investments

    The Changing Face of Investments

    The world of investments has always been dynamic. While earlier generations leaned towards classic income-generating assets like stocks, bonds, and real estate, millennials are diversifying into newer, alternative investment classes. This shift can be attributed to a combination of technological advancements, socio-economic changes, and the unique financial challenges this generation faces, as highlighted by Deloitte Insights and further discussed in Bankrate’s analysis.

    Areas of Investment for Millennials

    Areas of Investment for Millennials

    Cryptocurrencies and Digital Assets: 

    The advent of Bitcoin in 2009 marked the beginning of a digital currency era. Today, there are thousands of cryptocurrencies, and while they are notoriously volatile, many millennials view them as long-term investments. Platforms like Ethereum also allow for the creation of decentralized applications and smart contracts, offering avenues for passive income generation.

    __Real Estate Crowdfunding: __

    Traditional real estate investments require significant capital, making it challenging for younger individuals to enter the market. Real estate crowdfunding platforms, however, allow millennials to invest at a fraction of the cost, benefiting from rental income and potential property appreciation.

    Peer-to-Peer Lending: 

    This modern investment avenue allows individuals to lend money directly to those in need, bypassing traditional banks. In return, lenders can earn interest on their loans, making it an attractive option for those seeking consistent returns.

    Stock Trading Apps:

    Mobile-first stock trading apps have democratized access to the stock market. With features like fractional share purchasing, millennials can invest in high-priced stocks with minimal initial capital, as discussed by The Motley Fool.

    Collectibles and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens):

    NFTs, unique digital assets verified using blockchain technology, have become a prominent investment avenue. From digital art to virtual real estate, millennials are exploring the potential of NFTs as both a form of expression and an income-generating tool, as explored by Forbes.

    Alternative Investments:

    Beyond stocks and real estate, millennials are venturing into non-conventional assets like commodities, hedge funds, and private equity. Another intriguing avenue is diamonds. Historically luxury items, diamonds are now seen as a diversifiable asset, thanks to standardized grading and new investment platforms. These assets offer unique hedges against market volatility and diversify portfolios.

    Summary With an Opportunity

    Summary With an Opportunity

    Millennials are ushering in a new era of financial thinking, blending traditional investment wisdom with the opportunities presented by modern technology. Among these opportunities, the potential of diamonds as an investable asset class signifies how innovative thinking can transform traditional perceptions. As millennials continue to explore and invest in these emerging asset classes, the landscape of investments is set to evolve further, creating a ripple effect for generations to come. It’s an exciting time for finance, and millennials are leading the charge. If you are ready to explore commodity investment options, we invite you to visit Diamond Standard.

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