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Diamond Standard Highlights 2023

Jan 1, 2024
5 min read
Written by Diamond Standard

Introduction: A Year of Dazzling Achievements

2023 stands as a hallmark year for Diamond Standard Co., with major advancements and launches that have significantly impacted the diamond and digital asset industries. Let’s delve into these milestones and their implications for investors and the market.

Bitcarbon: A Revolutionary Royalty Token

Innovative Royalty Token Framework

Launched in 2023, Bitcarbon has redefined the landscape of digital assets. As a security token, Bitcarbon receives fees from Carats transactions and custody. The Bitcarbon Royalty Tokens are a unique blend of blockchain technology and real-world asset utility, offering a breakthrough alternative to stablecoins.

Exclusive Benefits for Bitcarbon Holders

Bitcarbon holders enjoy a range of advantages, including a share in transaction and custody fees up to 10%, reduced exchange fees, and exclusive access to dealer auctions for Diamond Standard Commodities. These benefits underscore our commitment to providing value-added services to our investors.

Sale and Token Details

The Bitcarbon Royalty Token Sale was a pivotal event, with tokens priced at $0.50 each and an offering limit ranging from $5,000 to $15 million. This sale not only marked a significant milestone but also highlighted the substantial investor interest in innovative diamond-backed digital assets​​.

Carats: Pioneering Asset-Backed Tokens

Launched in August 2023, Diamond Standard Carats has set a new standard in the asset-backed token market. They offer stability and security, representing a safer alternative to traditional cryptocurrencies and unlocking new possibilities for global payments and remittances.

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Retail and Lease Program Launches

Expanding Market Reach with Retail Program

The Retail Program, launched in October 2023, has made diamond investments more accessible, opening the market to a wider audience and democratizing the investment in diamond assets.

Lease Program: Maximizing Asset Potential

Also introduced in October 2023, the Commodity Lease Program provides a unique opportunity for investors to generate returns from their Diamond Standard Coins and Bars, offering a blend of security and profitability.

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Blink64: Revolutionizing Digital Transactions

Launched in October 2023, Blink64 is a demonstration app for various Carats use cases that simplifies digital transactions, enabling seamless and secure transfers using Carats. This platform signifies our commitment to enhancing the digital transaction experience for our users.

Explore Blink64

Towards a More Connected Future: Multi-Chain Bridge

Our ongoing development of the Multi-Chain Bridge aims to connect various blockchain networks, enhancing the utility and accessibility of our digital assets. This project reflects our dedication to fostering interoperability in the blockchain space.

Looking Forward: Shaping the Future of Diamond Investments

Diamond Standard continues to lead the way in integrating diamond assets with digital innovation. Our focus remains on creating secure, accessible, and innovative investment solutions.

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